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A blog that raises questions about the existential experience of blog writing and other phenomenologically minded notions. Anything written on this blog may be used as blogger examples for my research about the blog-unicating experience. Thanks!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Let's figure it out together.

So, blogging has become an accepted form of communication. Many research articles suggest reasons why people blog.
More importantly, however, is the actual experience of this form of communication. Blogging must be hitting some deep chord with so many people because the number of bloggers keeps growing and growing. It must fulfill other needs in our lives besides just getting the message out there. Or is that just it--The ease in communicating through the weblog tool? Why not write in a paper journal, or make a phone call, or email, or call someone or IM? Why blogging? Is it a different form of communication? How do you see it? What does it do for you? How does blogging make you feel?

Monday, March 06, 2006

Great Article

The Washington Post has a great article about why we blog. Check it out. I think there may be more to it than this, in an existential lived kind of way and that is where I'd like to go with this research.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Presence in the blog writing experience

I've been thinking through this whole idea of "lived time" as it relates to blogging. For me, I notice an absence of time as I blog. Some bloggers have named it procrastination. Do you write in Word and cut and paste or write on the blog space? I am wondering? Other time elements I see include time spent writing, time looking for links, the time it takes to use the blog technology to post . . . any thoughts? I'm sure I've missed a bunch. I am reminded of these orienting quotes from Dave Abrams book Spell of the Sensuous:

"Western time concepts include a beginning and an end; American Indians understand time as an eternally recurring cycle of events and years. Some Indian languages lack terms for the past and the future; everything is resting in the present." (Abram, 1996, p.185)
Allowing the past and future to dissolve and merge, with a focus to the imbedded presentness, to be engaged in the present moment, is to be in the enveloping field of presence. . . a place which is vibrant and alive, which melds the time and space in a less distinct way. (Abram, 1996, p. 204)

How might blog writing mean engaging in the present?

Monday, February 27, 2006

More Blog talk

I spent the weekend having some great discussions about blogging. I think that more research about the actual existential experience of blog writing can be helpful to discover more about this increasingly popular experience. So---all of you blog-unicators out there---what is this blogging experience like for you?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hello and Welcome

Thanks for stopping by. I hope this blog can be a place to discuss this notion of the lived experience of blog writing. It seemed inauthentic to write and research blogging without having one of my own so I'm giving it a try. Please contribute your thoughts.

Also, please feel free to discuss all things phenomenological in addition to your thoughts about the existential experience of blog writing. I qualify blogging as "blog writing" because I'm really trying to get at the phenomenon of the writing process within this content management application structure/interface structure of post/reply.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Why do you blog?

Many people are talking about the experience of writing a blog. What do you think?
Why do you write using this format----what does it do for you?

I’m trying to get a sense about this blog phenomenon that is going on for a research paper I am doing.

What is really at the essence of the way you feel about this kind of writing and what compels you to write in this format?

Do you feel a special way while you are writing, posting, reading comments or have not posted for awhile? Or is it just to keep from feeling bored?